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What is the Farmington Valley Adult Soccer Club?

The FVASC is a recreational soccer league for men and women that has been in existence since 1996.  The club is governed by CSSA (Connecticut State Soccer Association) rules.  The men’s teams are comprised of men over the age of 30.  However, each team is allowed to have no more than 3 players between the ages of 26 and 30.  In Spring 2008, most of the women's teams merged with the West Hartford Women's Soccer Club.  Intrepid women (of any age) are welcome to sign up for Monday night O-40.  We do not play by co-ed rules, but O-40 is designed to be a friendly scrimmage.

Most games are played in Farmington, with additional games in Avon and Simsbury.  The men's O-30 games are played on Sunday afternoons and evenings.  The O-40 game is Monday evening.

The league consists of two seasons, in the spring and fall.  The spring season runs from mid April through the end of June.  The fall season runs from early September through the beginning of November.  Depending upon field availability, there are usually playoffs following the season.  There is a separate registration and fee for each season.

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Discipline Policy


The Farmington Valley Adult Soccer League is a recreational league that relies on the goodwill of its member players to help league officials and referees enforce a high standard of conduct and safety. Over time, we have discovered that a very few players playing dirty or overly aggressively can amp up the animosity of the entire league. That being the case, the league has adopted the following discipline policy to help protect the vast majority of players from the selfish actions of the few. Remember that participation in the league is a privilege. It can and will be revoked for continued disciplinary problems.  No refunds will be paid in connection with any suspensions.

Cards and Consequences

We have a 9 game season, excluding playoffs.  Three "bad games" during a season earns at least a one game suspension, on top of whatever suspension CSSA may mandate.  A "bad game" is one in which a player gets a yellow or a red card.  Each bad game after the suspension gets another suspension, potentially of increasing length.  

General Considerations

Suspensions are generally handed out by CSSA, and the league has no ability to influence or reduce these suspensions.  However, FVASC reserves the right to review any disciplinary action--or series of disciplinary actions--and impose additional penalties, including permanent suspension from the league. In any review, the league will strongly consider a player's history of conduct in the league as detailed in the log of referee reports from past years' games.

Joe Soccer, Team XYZ
Game 1--Yellow
Game 2--Yellow
Game 3--Yellow
3 yellows is the equivalent of a red. Minimum 1 game suspension.
Game 5--Yellow
Additional yellow after a suspension. Minimum 1 more game suspension.
Game 7—Yellow
Additional yellow after a suspension. Minimum 1 more game suspension, however due to the persistent, unsporting conduct of the player, league suspends player for the remainder of the season.
League reviews conduct of player during the year and during past years. May recommend further disciplinary action.