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FVASC Soccer Registration

We are a 501(c)7 non-profit, in business to facilitate soccer games.  We have a 9 week season in the Spring and a 9 week season in the Fall, possibly followed by playoffs depending on field availability and remaining cash.  For the O-30 League games, we make every effort to reschedule rainouts/cancelled games, but we do not guarantee all games will be played and we certainly can't guarantee that they will be played when you can make it.  Our only refund policy is if we cannot place you on a team.  Otherwise, there are no refunds.

This on-line system keys off of your email address.  If we don't have your email address, we don't know you.   If you can't login to your account, you should Create a new Account.  After you Login, you can Register by clicking the green button, or change your info by clicking on your name.

During the season, registration is open Sunday night through Tuesday night.  By CSSA rule, we need to close registration Tuesday night for the following Sunday's roster.

If you are having any trouble registering with Internet Explorer, try another Browser.  This site does not get along well with Microsoft.

O-30 Men's League Fall 2022 - All Players

Base Cost: $85.00

Opened: 08/08/2022
Late date/fee: 09/04/2022$15.00
Closes: 11/20/2022

Open to: Men
born on or before: 12/31/1996

O-40 Men's Game - Fall 2022

This Registration is for the O-40 Men's game on Monday nights. This is a friendly pick-up game and you don't actually need to be 40. There is a referee, but if he has to hand out cards, you are at the wrong game. We reserve the right to exclude repeat offenders without refund. See the O-40 tab for further details.

Base Cost: $55.00

Opened: 08/08/2022
Closes: 11/20/2022

Open to: Men & Women
born on or before: 12/31/2000