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This program is designed to provide a recreation level of competition in which cooperation, fun and safety are the key elements. Sportsmanship must be displayed at all times.

--Games will be held on Sundays, November 20ish – March 10ish
--The league will consist of 6 teams.

--Game starting times will be as follows: Games 1 – 7:00PM, Game 2 – 8:00PM, Game 3 – 9:00PM.
--Games will consist of three 15-minute periods, with 1 minute between periods.
--Games will be running time until the last minute of the game.
--Games will start as scheduled with no grace period. Teams are encouraged to arrive early for warm-ups.

-- Standings: Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a tie and zero for a loss. Rank will be determined by % of Possible Points (i.e. Points Earned/(Games Played times 2).  For 6 teams, #1 and #2 have a first week scrimmage/bye, while #3 vs.#6 and #4 vs. #5 play in.  Week 2, #1 plays the winner of the play-in with the worse regular season record, #2 plays the winner of the play in with the better regular season record.
--Teams with identical percentages will be determined by the following procedure: (1) games vs each other if regular season game was tied, then (2) total goals against, (3) total goals for, (4) coin toss. In any game, the maximum point differential will be 5 goals (e.g. 5-0, 6-1), to discourage running up the score.
--All play-off games will follow regular season game format and rules. If games are tied after regulation time, there will be two (if necessary) sudden death, five minute overtime periods.  Overtime will be played 6v6, with a maximum of 4 men per team, followed by a shoot-out if necessary. The initial shoot-out will be 3 men and two women per team. If no winner is determined, 5 new players for each team will alternate, sudden death.  If no winner, alternating shots from the red line on an empty net, sudden death, all players on each team eligible, any order, no repeats.

--Refer to League Rules--XIV 6B for play-off eligibility.

--Teams will consist of 8 players on the ice---3 female and 5 male, including the goalie.
--A female position may not be replaced by a male.
--A team must field at least 5 players.
--Players must be at least 18 years old and out of high school.
--A team roster must have a minimum of 12 players, with no maximum.

--The league fee is $900.00, which includes regular season games and play-off games, ice time, and equipment.
--Registration will be accepted at the Simsbury Farms main desk from 9:00AM – 5:00PM Mon-Thur.
or by mail to Simsbury Recreation Department, Box 455,W. Simsbury, CT 06092, Attn: John Thibeault. Make checks payable to: Town of Simsbury.
--Due on Nov. 21

--Penalties will be called for an infraction of the league rules.
--Decisions of the referees may not be challenged.

--There will be no drinking by players during the game, by anyone around the vicinity of the rink, or in the warming rooms.
--No player under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to play.
--Refer to “Coed Broom Hockey League” rules for more specific information.