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If you are injured in a soccer game, the league has insurance through a portion of our fee to CSSA:
  • the Ref needs to file a USSF report detailing the injury, time and the circumstances, so if a player leaves the field to go to the hospital, make sure the ref knows
  • if you return to the game after you are injured, you probably won't be insured
  • if you have insurance through work, you'll probably not get any help, but you should look into it anyway
  • coverage changes occasionally, but generally you have to file the claim within 60-90 days of the injury
  • you need to go to the CSSA website and follow the injury reporting procedure

Starting Spring 2010 the procedure includes:

1.  Player downloads the claim form from CSSA website, AND NOWHERE ELSE (not USASA, not an old form with Al Bell's name on it, etc.).

2.  Player fills out form.

3.  Player then sends to manager or coach (or another appropriate witness) and has it signed.

4.  Manager or coach sends it to Bill Bitterli @  to have FVASC verify that the injury is reported in the official USSF match report (ref's report).  If needed, we will ask the assignor or the referee directly to amend the report to include injury (file a supplemental report).

5.  League sends the report to CSSA President (Dan Rooney) for final signoff.  CSSA then sends it to the insurance company.