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Questions & Answers

Men’s Over 40 League

Q: When does the FVASC season start?

Spring: season runs early April until end of June. 

    Fall: season runs early September until early November. 

Q: What days/times are Over 40 Men's games played?

Every Monday night at 7:00 or 7:30 pm, Tunxis Meade Field 8, Farmington.

Q: What is the fee for the Over 40 Men's league?

$50.00 for all players (regardless of town of residence)

Q: What is the age limit for the Over 40 Men's league?

The league was originally designed for Over 40 players that didn’t want the competitive level of play in the Over 30 league.  However, there are players under 40 that can’t play on weekends due to other commitments.  The league allows them to sign up for just the Monday night session.  Note that the majority of players that show up for Monday nights are registered for Over 30 weekend teams, and they use this night as a practice session.  If numbers become a problem (rarely happens), players registered just for O-40 will have playing time preference, with O-30 league players filling in.

Q: Does a person registering for the Over 40 Men's league need a copy of their driver's license & passport photo to be included with the registration form?

No.  If someone plays in just the Over 40 league and they are not affiliated with an Over 30 team, they don’t need to provide the license and photo.  Players in the Over 40 league do not need player passes.

Q: If a person wants to play in the Over 30 & Over 40 Men's leagues, does that person have to pay both fees?

A: No, they just pay the Over 30 fee ($80, out of town or $65, in town).  That fee would cover both.

 Q: Are there uniforms for the Over 40 league?

A: All players should bring a dark & light shirt; players then divide into teams at the field.

Q: Is there a referee officiating the Over 40 Men's games?

Generally there is one referee at the game, which is played pick-up-style.  The play is not aggressive, with no slide tackling allowed; this is more of a practice game.

Note:  There is no make-up slot for the O-40 game and we don't offer pro-rata refunds for rainouts.  There are almost always one or two of these, so plan on maybe a 7-8 games season.